Picture Frame Ornaments for Kids to Make

Involve kids in on the fun this holiday season and check out these picture frame ornaments for kids to make.

Puzzle Piece Wreath Photo Ornament

puzzle wreath ornament craft

This is a fun ornament craft that even young kids can do since you can use your creativity and place the puzzle pieces wherever you want.

The ornament kit comes with enough supplies to make 12 puzzle wreaths which means you can do this craft with a play date group or even in a classroom. It would also be great for a kid’s Christmas party activity.

The cardboard puzzle pieces are glued around the green circle in whatever way you please and then place the shiny red circles to decorate the wreath. The finishing touch is the bow at the top.

The ornaments are approximately 5 inches.



Craft Stick Photo Frame Ornament Craft for Kids

craft stick ornament for kids to make

This is a very simple Christmas ornament that kids can make but is still a cute item that looks good hung on the tree. This ornament is good for younger kids or for even older kids to do by themselves.

This is a simple ornament craft in that the red and green craft sticks are glued together to form a picture opening in the middle. The picture opening measures approximately 3″. There are also green and red buttons to decorate the ornament and a pretty red ribbon to attach to the top for easy hanging on the Christmas tree.

This would be a good craft that a younger kid could make as Christmas gifts for family members. With this kit you can make 12 ornaments.



 Snowflake Handprint Photo Ornament

handprint snowflake photo ornament craft

This photo ornament will be special and unique to each child who makes one because they use their own hand to make the main area of the ornament.

The child traces their hand on the blue piece of foam and cuts it out. Then the snowflakes can be applied to the hand as well as the other pre-cut foam pieces that can be personalized with a name and picture of the kid.

With this ornament kit you can make up to 12 of these ornaments and there are extra supplies as well.


Picture Frame Christmas Ornament Craft Kit

picture frame ornament craft

With this craft kit your kids can make all sorts of cool picture frame ornaments for friends and family.

The kit comes with different self-adhesive foam pieces to make different colored and designed ornaments that you can add a personalized picture to.

The ornaments measure 3 3/4″ x 4″ and the picture opening is approximately 1 3/4″ in diameter.

With this kit you can make 12 Christmas ornaments, which makes it a cool idea for a kid’s Christmas party or a craft that you can do with if you have multiple kids.


Snowman Photo Frame Ornament for Kids

snowman ornament craft for kids

This is another cute option for picture frame ornaments for kids to make. These feature three different styles of jolly snowman that can be put together by the kids and then they can pick a picture to place in the photo area.

The kit comes with everything you need to make the ornaments above except for the photo which you need to supply.

The ornaments are 3 dimensional as the pieces are glued on top of another which makes these ornaments better than just a simple foam or paper snowman.

You can make 12 snowman ornaments with this kit. They are great for making together or make them all yourself and give out to loved ones in Christmas cards or with their gifts.



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