Picture Frame Christmas Ornaments 2015

Once again there are some really beautiful and creative picture frame Christmas ornaments for 2015.

Here is a list I compiled of some of the best selling picture frame ornaments for Christmas this year.

2015 picture frame ornamentBUY NOW


Celebrate 2015 the right way with this bright and cheerful picture frame ornament on your tree. This is a great ornament for remembering this Christmas that you can hang on your tree every year.

The ornament features a nice red and green color scheme and the “0” in 2015 acts as a nice photo frame for a picture of your kids, family, loved ones, and even yourself.

This ornament would make a nice gift that you can place a picture already inside or give it to a friend so they can have it for their family pictures.

The ornament comes with an attached ribbon loop and comes in a nice gift box.

merry and bright ornament 2015BUY NOW

This is such a bright and fun ornament for 2015. It’s made by Hallmark and it even features an option to record a personal message.

You can include not only a personal photo of your family, friends, or anyone you want but you can also include a short message or just a little thought to go along with this year.

The ornament measures approximately 4.25 x 3.38 inches and has a hook at the top so you can hang it on your tree.

This picture frame ornament would make a really great gift for grandparents, parents, or a loved one you may not get to see this holiday.

2015 sparkling christmas ornamentBUY NOW

How pretty is this photo frame ornament for 2015?

This would make such a beautiful gift or buy it for yourself so you can have sparkle on your own tree this year.

This is a 2015 Carlton Heirloom ornament so it will sell out pretty fast as these are hugely popular.

This ornament definitely sparkles and shines and has a pretty unique design. The photo opening acts as the “0” in 2015 and will hold a 1.5 x 1.93 inch picture.

This would be really nice for a recently married couple for their wedding picture or just for a really nice ornament for your family.


waterford 2015 snowflake picture ornamentBUY NOW

I definitely can’t forget to include the special Waterford 2015 snowflake ornament. Every year Waterford comes out with a special snowflake ornament that is unique to that year.

As in past years, these ornaments go quite fast as there are people who collect these quality items.

The ornament is silver plated and is accented with red gems this year. It comes with a matching red ribbon hanger that is special to the year and to Waterford.

This is a photo ornament that will last for years and years and even makes a nice heirloom ornament to pass on through the years as well.

hallmark picture frame christmas ornament 2015BUY NOW

Hallmark always releases such beautiful family themed Christmas ornaments each year and this year is no exception.

This ornament features the saying “Family is the greatest gift” at the bottom and has a place for you to put a picture of your family right in the ornament.

It does have 2015 right on the ornament so you can always remember the year of the picture and look back on it with found memories.

This would even make a nice gift for the grandparents to have all the grand kids and kids in a picture for their Christmas tree.

scripture christmas ornamentBUY NOW

Celebrate what Christmas is really about with this beautiful Scripture picture frame ornament for 2015.

The ornament features an engraved title of Christmas 2015 and then has Luke 2:11 printed on the sides as well.

The middle features enough room to include a picture of your family or loved ones to remember this Christmas.

It comes ready to hang with a ribbon bow hanger and makes such a wonderful addition to your tree to really remember what the true meaning of Christmas is.

family picture frame ornament 2015BUY NOW

This is another great unique picture frame ornament for Christmas 2015.

It comes from Carlton Heirloom line so you know it’s a quality item. It features a bunch of different words and phrases that all relate to Christmas and then it reads “FAMILY” in large gold letters at the top.

It even has a special red heart gem that really attracts your eye to this ornament.

In the bottom corner you can include a photo of your family from this holiday season.

The ornament has a modern touch as this is a pretty popular style of decor with the word collages and could be a great way to mark this year and remember for years to come.


snowflake photo ornamentBUY NOW

This Christmas tree ornament will shine and sparkle on your tree with the crystals, beads, and faux pearls that decorate the silver metal ornament.

The ornament features a beautiful, intricate snowflake that has an opening for a 1.5″ picture of your choosing.

Not only is the snowflake part decorative put even the hook area has a decorative style that makes this ornament look much more expensive than it actually is.

This could even make a nice gift for a recently married couple to hang on their first tree together.

Which is your new favorite picture frame ornament for 2015?

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