Hallmark Recordable Photo Ornament

recordable photo ornament hallmark

Record your own personalized Christmas message this year and have to look back on for many years to come.

This is a super fun photo ornament that not only lets you look back on 2013 but now you can also listen back to your message as well. You can record a small message on the ornament as well as place a photo of your choice.

This could be a great gift for a loved one who may not make it home for Christmas or one that you won’t get to see in person. You could also simply get it for your family to allow everyone to say a quick message and have it for years to come.

The ornament measures 4.375″ W x 3.625″ H x 1.125″ D and has “2013” imprinted on the ornament. It features a cozy home and the photo frame area is like a picture into the home.

These Hallmark Keepsake ornaments sell out fast, so be sure that you get yours now before it is too late.


Military Photo Ornaments

Check out all the selections below for military photo ornaments for your Christmas tree. Some of these ornaments would be great for the person in the military while others make a nice ornament for the service person’s family.

stars and stripes military photo ornament

This is a great Christmas ornament for anyone who is in any branch of the military as well as for the person’s family.

You can customize the ornament with a picture of the service person as you simply have to upload it onto the website and the ornament comes with the person’s picture right in the middle of the ornament.

The background of the ornament is beautiful with the stars and stripes. The heart shape of the ornament really adds to the appeal of the ornament and lets them know how much they are loved. There are Christmas ornaments that look just like this one but are in a simple circle and oval shape if you don’t care for the heart.

There is also a star shaped ornament with the stars and stripes as well.



army photo ornament


If you know someone who is in the army, this may be a great photo Christmas ornament to get for them or their family. It has the simple army camouflage background and then you include a picture of the person with your order of the ornament. The photo you include is printed right onto the ornament so you don’t have to worry about finding a small enough picture to fit or using one of your own printed out pictures.

The ornament comes with a pretty red ribbon attached for easy hanging. It measures approximately 2.25″ in diameter.

This ornament is also available in other designs and shapes as well. The above ornament is a premium ornament that comes in metal but there are other cheaper ceramic ornaments in round, heart, star, and oval shapes.



my soldier my hero photo christmas ornament


This is such a great Christmas ornament for any soldier. You can upload a picture that you want to use and then it comes right to you with the picture of the soldier printed right on the ornament.

This would be a really cute gift idea for a dad who is in the military or for your husband or wife who may be in the service as well.

You can also choose from different shapes of the ornament such as a star, oval, and larger metal ornaments as well.



Click Here for even more military inspired photo Christmas ornaments. There are other ornaments that are specifically for a son or daughter as well as a dad and other branches of the military.




Memorial Photo Ornaments

Keep your loved one’s memory alive this Christmas with a beautiful memorial photo ornament that can be hung on your Christmas tree or even displayed all year long.

Memorial photo ornament for christmas

Remember your loved one this holiday with a beautiful photo ornament that reminds you that they are looking down on you from Heaven.

This ornament is made of pewter and features a pretty Christmas motif with two turtle doves. At the top of the ornament it reads “Merry Christmas from Heaven” and then under the photo frame are it reads “I love you all dearly, Now don’t shed a tear. I’m spending my Christmas with Jesus this year.”

This is the type of memorial Christmas ornament that becomes a family heirloom because it is a quality ornament that is so nicely made and can stand the test of time. The item is 3 inches long and comes in a keepsake box that also has a beautiful poem.

Buy this ornament for your own tree or for a loved one that has lost a close family member this year.



in loving memory christmas ornament

This is a simple but lovely photo frame ornament that can be used for Christmas time or even hung all year long.

The ornament reads “In Loving Memory” surrounding a picture frame opening that holds a 1.75″ diameter photo. There is also an engravable plate on the back of the ornament where you place the picture that you can have engraved with the loved one’s name or special message.

It comes in a nice gift box that also features a special message. It makes for a nice gift all year round for someone who may have lost a family member or friend.



memorial photo frame ornament

This is another lovely ornament that may be plain in style but says a lot about a person. With this person the photo of the person is the main attraction.

Around the circle which features chain links on the outside, the ornament reads, “As God Calls Us One By One The Chain Will Link Again.” This can be a great way to remember that you will see your loved one again someday.

The ornament comes in a nice gift box that also has a broken chain remembrance poem on it. The photo opening holds a 2″ picture.



memorial forever in my heart ornament

This is another beautiful option for a memorial photo ornament that can be used to hang on your Christmas tree or can be hung up all year long.

The ornament is brushed metal and features a photo opening that will hold a 2.25 inch picture of your loved one.

A special touch with this ornament is that it comes in a gift box with a poem on the other side so it makes a wonderful gift for someone special.

The ornament reads: “Your Memory is my keepsake with which I will never part, God has you in his Keepsake, I have you in my heart.” and also has 4 jeweled accents around it as well.

This is one of the memorial ornaments that would not only be great for a gift at Christmas time but other times of the year as well.



Personalized Memorial Photo Ornaments

personalized memorial ornament

This is another great option for a personalized Christmas ornament that remembers the life of a loved one who has passed away.

The ornament reads “In Loving Memory” and you can then personalize it with a name and dates. You then upload your desired photo you want on the ornament and the picture is printed right on the front of the ornament so you don’t have to worry about the picture fading or finding one the right size to fit the photo area.

The ornament measures 2 3/4″ around and comes with a matching ribbon for hanging. It comes in a velvet drawstring bag for safekeeping.




Picture Frame Ornaments for Kids to Make

Involve kids in on the fun this holiday season and check out these picture frame ornaments for kids to make.

Puzzle Piece Wreath Photo Ornament

puzzle wreath ornament craft

This is a fun ornament craft that even young kids can do since you can use your creativity and place the puzzle pieces wherever you want.

The ornament kit comes with enough supplies to make 12 puzzle wreaths which means you can do this craft with a play date group or even in a classroom. It would also be great for a kid’s Christmas party activity.

The cardboard puzzle pieces are glued around the green circle in whatever way you please and then place the shiny red circles to decorate the wreath. The finishing touch is the bow at the top.

The ornaments are approximately 5 inches.



Craft Stick Photo Frame Ornament Craft for Kids

craft stick ornament for kids to make

This is a very simple Christmas ornament that kids can make but is still a cute item that looks good hung on the tree. This ornament is good for younger kids or for even older kids to do by themselves.

This is a simple ornament craft in that the red and green craft sticks are glued together to form a picture opening in the middle. The picture opening measures approximately 3″. There are also green and red buttons to decorate the ornament and a pretty red ribbon to attach to the top for easy hanging on the Christmas tree.

This would be a good craft that a younger kid could make as Christmas gifts for family members. With this kit you can make 12 ornaments.



 Snowflake Handprint Photo Ornament

handprint snowflake photo ornament craft

This photo ornament will be special and unique to each child who makes one because they use their own hand to make the main area of the ornament.

The child traces their hand on the blue piece of foam and cuts it out. Then the snowflakes can be applied to the hand as well as the other pre-cut foam pieces that can be personalized with a name and picture of the kid.

With this ornament kit you can make up to 12 of these ornaments and there are extra supplies as well.


Picture Frame Christmas Ornament Craft Kit

picture frame ornament craft

With this craft kit your kids can make all sorts of cool picture frame ornaments for friends and family.

The kit comes with different self-adhesive foam pieces to make different colored and designed ornaments that you can add a personalized picture to.

The ornaments measure 3 3/4″ x 4″ and the picture opening is approximately 1 3/4″ in diameter.

With this kit you can make 12 Christmas ornaments, which makes it a cool idea for a kid’s Christmas party or a craft that you can do with if you have multiple kids.


Snowman Photo Frame Ornament for Kids

snowman ornament craft for kids

This is another cute option for picture frame ornaments for kids to make. These feature three different styles of jolly snowman that can be put together by the kids and then they can pick a picture to place in the photo area.

The kit comes with everything you need to make the ornaments above except for the photo which you need to supply.

The ornaments are 3 dimensional as the pieces are glued on top of another which makes these ornaments better than just a simple foam or paper snowman.

You can make 12 snowman ornaments with this kit. They are great for making together or make them all yourself and give out to loved ones in Christmas cards or with their gifts.



Ski People Picture Frame Ornaments

skier photo frame ornamentThese are adorable picture frame ornaments for kids as well as adults who may like to ski, snowboard or just enjoy the outdoors during winter time.

The set comes with 6 ornaments. You get three of the red coat and purple scarf and three of the blue coat and red scarf.

The ornament has the photo spot area so that it appears that you are the the one wearing the winter gear which makes it a perfect gift for kids who love playing outdoors as well as skiers and adults who enjoying the snow as well.

The ornament measures 2 1/4″ by 5″ and the photo area will fit a 1 1/2″ picture in diameter.

These ornaments are new for 2013.



Star Shaped Personalized Photo Ornament

star personalized photo ornament

This star shaped photo ornament is unique in that the picture is printed right on the ornament and you don’t have to mess around with cutting out a photo and getting it to the right size.

The ornament comes from Personalizationmall.com and they are known for their personalized ornaments especially the photo ones were they print them on the ornament.

This star ornament features a red and green color scheme perfect for Christmas and can be personalized with any one line message under the photo. You can personalize it with a name, date, or a cute little saying.

All you have to do is upload the photo you want to use for the ornament and it will be adjusted for the best fit on the ornament.

The item measures 3″ in diameter and includes a ribbon for easy hanging on your Christmas tree or anywhere else.

This comes in a velvet drawstring bag and makes a great Christmas gift for loved ones. In fact, the price is so great on these ornaments you may want to buy them for everyone as gifts this year. It truly is a gift that can be enjoyed over and over every Christmas.



Our First Christmas Photo Ornament for Newlyweds

If you got married in 2014 or know someone who did, then check out these beautiful “Our First Christmas” photo ornaments. These make great gifts for newlyweds or buy one for your first Christmas tree together to celebrate the past year.

There are several different ornaments that you can choose from.

This is a beautiful “Our First Christmas Together” ornament for 2014. It is a Hallmark Keepsake ornament and is so pretty with the green Christmas tree with the glittery silver snowflakes and stars. The two stockings in the corner make a nice added touch as well

The ornament reads “Our First Christmas Together” with 2014 above that. The middle of the tree allows for a picture of the newlyweds.  You can go with a wedding picture or a picture of the couple during the holidays.

The ornament measures approximately 3 3/4″ x 4″.



our first christmas photo ornament

Celebrate your first Christmas together with this beautiful picture frame ornament. It reads “Our First Christmas” at the top and bottom but also has a special passage on the side from the Bible quoting Scripture about love. This is one of the most popular Bible verses about love.

The picture frame ornament is made of a high quality metal and has a polished finish. It comes with a red ribbon for hanging.

The ornament measures 2.8″ x 3.7″ and the photo opening is 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″.



first christmas married ornament

This Christmas ornament is handcrafted and breathtaking. It will really stand out on your Christmas tree and will make such a remarkable ornament.

There are 3 distinct layers to this ornament which gives it a sort of 3D effect and makes it pop. The crystal accents on the ornament also make it shine and add some definite sparkle to the item.

Etched on the back of the ornament is “Our First Christmas” and the front allows you to place a photo of your choosing to remember this special time in your lives.

The ornament measures 4.75″.



our first christmas picture ornament

This is another great option for a beautiful photo frame ornament for newlyweds.

This frame has a Bible verse printed at the top and then reads “Our First Christmas” under the picture area. There are all kinds of snowflakes that decorate the sides and it even comes with a matching ribbon for easy hanging on your tree.

The ornament is made of metal and measures 3.75″ by 3″.



our first christmas picture ornament 2013

If you are looking for something slightly different for your Our First Christmas ornament then this may be the one for you. This ornament isn’t a picture frame but you upload a picture you want printed on the ornament and then they print the picture right on the ornament and personalize it for you.

These ornaments are quite popular nowadays and a lot of people like that the photo is printed right on the ornament instead of having to mess around with cutting a picture to size.

You can choose any title and 2 line message to print on the ornament. A good choice is the names and date at the bottom and whatever message you want at the top.

The ornament measures 2 3/4″ in diameter and comes with a matching ribbon for hanging.


Nurse Picture Frame Ornament

picture frame ornament for nurses

This is the perfect Christmas gift for any nurse you know because you can personalize the gift with a wonderful picture of your favorite nurse. Or maybe you are the nurse and you are just looking to get a nice ornament that shows off your accomplishments.

The ornament is heart shaped with a caduceus at the bottom. There are two sparkling crystals that adorn the ornament making it even prettier. It is made from metal that is sort of vintage looking and reminds you of an older days with nurses but could still be modern.

The ornament measures 4″H x 1.75″W. The center of the ornament allows for a photograph of approximately 1.25 inches in diameter. It also hangs from a matching silver cord so that it can be easily hung up.

It does come in a gift box so you can definitely give this as a nice Christmas gift. It could be for a loved one that is a nurse or maybe you have gone through some medical troubles and you want to show a special nurse just how much she meant to you this year. Make the gift even more special and put a picture in it yourself and make it a complete personalized gift this year.


Ultrasound Photo Ornaments

Ultrasound photo ornaments are a great way to celebrate this special occasion of a new little one entering into your life. These ornaments make wonderful gifts for parents-to-be as well as grandparents.

Check out the full selection of ultrasound photo ornaments below.

ultrasound photo ornamentThis is an adorable photo frame ornament that is perfect for a sonogram picture. The ornaments reads “Miracle” at the top and then has the words “dreaming, waiting, anticipating, preparing, and wishing” printed throughout the frame area.

The ornament measures 3.5″ and has scalloped edges and sort of it gives the ornament a wreath appearance. There is an attached ribbon for easy hanging on the Christmas tree. The photo opening measures 2″.

This ornament is great for expecting both a baby girl or baby boy. Just think that next year you will be buying a Baby’s First Christmas ornament to go along with the tradition that this ornament starts with your family.



ultrasound photo christmas ornament

This ornament could be a cool way to announce your pregnancy to your parents or other family members this Christmas.

The photo frame ornament is fully customizable and you can add any one line title you want and then 2 lines of text at the bottom. You can include things like announcing the sex of the baby, baby’s due date or even if you have a name picked you can have the little one’s name put on it.

This item measures 5 1/8″ W x 4 1/8″ H and holds a 2″ x 3″ photograph which is a pretty good size for a Christmas ornament. You can also use this item as a simple photo frame as it does have a back easel for displaying on a shelf as well.

This is a great way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your little baby as well as have something you can cherish each Christmas.



sonogram photo ornament

This is another cute Christmas ornament to display an ultrasound photo. it reads “All I Want for Christmas… is You!” and then you place your picture of your little unborn baby in the middle.

The ornament measures 3.5″ and has an opening for a 2″ in diameter photo. If you want a simple but fun ornament for your ultrasound or for a loved one’s sonogram picture then this ornament may be perfect for you.




sonogram christmas ornament

This 3.5″ gold framed ornament can not only be used as an ornament on the tree but can also be displayed on a shelf with the back easel stand as well as be hung on the wall with the back hanging hook.

This is more of a classic looking ultrasound photo ornament but is still really popular with both parents-to-be as well as grandparents.

The back of the ornament also has a spot to be able to personalize the information with things like the parents name as well as due date. You could even include a little message to the unborn baby.



personalized ultrasound photo ornament

This is a little different than your basic photo ornament. With this ornament you can personalize the ornament and then upload a picture of the sonogram and the picture is printed right on the ornament.

The ornament is designed in a cute polka dot design and is available in blue, pink, red, and green. You can personalize it with 2 lines, with one at the top and one at the bottom of the photo. You can choose to include things like the due date, baby’s name, or anything else you choose.

It is made of a quality porcelain and measures 2 3/4″ in diameter. You do have to upload the photo of the ultrasound to the website so keep this in mind if ordering for someone else.

This is definitely a unique photo ornament in that the picture is printed right on the ornament and you don’t have to worry about cutting the photo and making sure it fits in the frame. These ornaments are quite popular and come out looking really nice.


Photo Frame Christmas Ornaments for Grandparents

Photo frame ornaments make great Christmas gifts for grandparents. There really is nothing better for a grandparent to get a personalized picture of their little grandkids to hang on their tree every holiday season.

Check out the different selections of photo frame ornaments for grandparents.

christmas photo ornament for grandparents

This is an adorable gift for a grandparent from a grandchild. This ornament would work for a baby as well as an older child as well.

The ornament reads “Grandchild at Christmas… the Best gift EVER!”  It measures 3.5″ and has frame that will fit a 2″ photograph.

It comes with an attached red ribbon for easy hanging on the tree. The edges are scalloped giving it the look of almost like a snowflake appearance. This is simply a cute ornament for a grandma or grandpa that will be cherished for many Christmases to come.



Personalized Photo Frame Ornament for Grandparents

personalized photo ornament for grandparents

A personalized photo frame ornament is a special gift for any grandparent. Not only do they get the lovely picture of the grandkids but they also get a special message just to them.

This ornament has a festive green background with repeating names that you choose (up to 8). You can then personalize the top with your own message and then another message at the bottom of the photo frame.

The item measures 5 1/8″ W x 4 1/8″ H and holds a 2″x3″ photo. It is made from solid wood and not a cheap material so it will last for many holidays to come.

There is an easel back stand as well as a hanging hinged hook so you can display this on a mantle during the holidays or hang it on the tree.

The reason why a lot of people tend to like this ornament the most is because you can personalize and make it your own. This makes the gift extra special for the grandparents instead of just buying a normal ornament.



 Photo Frame Ornaments for Grandma

pciture frame ornament for grandma

This is a high-quality, wonderful photo ornament that is just for a Grandmother.

This ornament reads “Grandmother” at the top and then you can get a small message engraved at the bottom with your names as well. In the middle there is a heart shaped picture frame opening for the picture of your choice. The ornament measures 4.1″ x 2.6″ and is silver plated so it definitely shines and sparkles.

With this ornament you can personalize the message with 2 lines of your choice. You may have a special saying for your grandmother or you can just choose to write Love and your names. This is what makes this ornament so special is that no two are going to be the same.



first christmas ornament for grandma

This Christmas ornament is just for the first time grandma. This makes a great gift for a grandma that just got her first grandchild this year.

The ornament reads “Grandma’s 1st Christmas. Joy.. shopping… and more joy shopping.” You can choose to put whatever photo you want in the opening but a picture of your mom with your little one is the perfect choice for this ornament.

This measures 3.5″ and holds a 2″ photo in the middle. The edges of the ornament are scalloped giving it a more decorative appearance. There is a matching red ribbon attached at the top.