Military Photo Ornaments

Check out all the selections below for military photo ornaments for your Christmas tree. Some of these ornaments would be great for the person in the military while others make a nice ornament for the service person’s family.

stars and stripes military photo ornament

This is a great Christmas ornament for anyone who is in any branch of the military as well as for the person’s family.

You can customize the ornament with a picture of the service person as you simply have to upload it onto the website and the ornament comes with the person’s picture right in the middle of the ornament.

The background of the ornament is beautiful with the stars and stripes. The heart shape of the ornament really adds to the appeal of the ornament and lets them know how much they are loved. There are Christmas ornaments that look just like this one but are in a simple circle and oval shape if you don’t care for the heart.

There is also a star shaped ornament with the stars and stripes as well.



army photo ornament


If you know someone who is in the army, this may be a great photo Christmas ornament to get for them or their family. It has the simple army camouflage background and then you include a picture of the person with your order of the ornament. The photo you include is printed right onto the ornament so you don’t have to worry about finding a small enough picture to fit or using one of your own printed out pictures.

The ornament comes with a pretty red ribbon attached for easy hanging. It measures approximately 2.25″ in diameter.

This ornament is also available in other designs and shapes as well. The above ornament is a premium ornament that comes in metal but there are other cheaper ceramic ornaments in round, heart, star, and oval shapes.



my soldier my hero photo christmas ornament


This is such a great Christmas ornament for any soldier. You can upload a picture that you want to use and then it comes right to you with the picture of the soldier printed right on the ornament.

This would be a really cute gift idea for a dad who is in the military or for your husband or wife who may be in the service as well.

You can also choose from different shapes of the ornament such as a star, oval, and larger metal ornaments as well.



Click Here for even more military inspired photo Christmas ornaments. There are other ornaments that are specifically for a son or daughter as well as a dad and other branches of the military.




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