Disney World Mickey Mouse Picture Frame Ornament for 2015

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This is the updated Disney World Mickey Mouse picture frame ornament for 2015 and it is simply adorable.

This ornament once again has the Mickey Fantasia theme but this one is slightly different as Mickey is holding a chocolate Mickey bar instead of his normal wand.

The upper ear of the ornament features a glittering “2015” while the other one has Mickey parading around with some glittering clothes on as well as his sorcerer hat.

If you are new to these Disney Christmas ornaments you may not realize that these ornaments sell out rather fast and once they are gone for the year, they are gone. So, if you are debating about buying one for you or someone you know, buy it before it sells out.

The ornaments measures approximately 4 inches and with the bright colors and glitter it is sure to be an item that sticks out on your Christmas tree.

It also makes a wonderful gift for any Disney or Mickey fan as well as a cool gift for someone who went to Disney World this year.

Make sure you get this Disney World Mickey Mouse 2015 Christmas ornament and continue on the Disney tradition or even start a new one this year.

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