Picture Frame Christmas Ornaments 2015

Once again there are some really beautiful and creative picture frame Christmas ornaments for 2015.

Here is a list I compiled of some of the best selling picture frame ornaments for Christmas this year.

2015 picture frame ornamentBUY NOW


Celebrate 2015 the right way with this bright and cheerful picture frame ornament on your tree. This is a great ornament for remembering this Christmas that you can hang on your tree every year.

The ornament features a nice red and green color scheme and the “0” in 2015 acts as a nice photo frame for a picture of your kids, family, loved ones, and even yourself.

This ornament would make a nice gift that you can place a picture already inside or give it to a friend so they can have it for their family pictures.

The ornament comes with an attached ribbon loop and comes in a nice gift box.

merry and bright ornament 2015BUY NOW

This is such a bright and fun ornament for 2015. It’s made by Hallmark and it even features an option to record a personal message.

You can include not only a personal photo of your family, friends, or anyone you want but you can also include a short message or just a little thought to go along with this year.

The ornament measures approximately 4.25 x 3.38 inches and has a hook at the top so you can hang it on your tree.

This picture frame ornament would make a really great gift for grandparents, parents, or a loved one you may not get to see this holiday.

2015 sparkling christmas ornamentBUY NOW

How pretty is this photo frame ornament for 2015?

This would make such a beautiful gift or buy it for yourself so you can have sparkle on your own tree this year.

This is a 2015 Carlton Heirloom ornament so it will sell out pretty fast as these are hugely popular.

This ornament definitely sparkles and shines and has a pretty unique design. The photo opening acts as the “0” in 2015 and will hold a 1.5 x 1.93 inch picture.

This would be really nice for a recently married couple for their wedding picture or just for a really nice ornament for your family.


waterford 2015 snowflake picture ornamentBUY NOW

I definitely can’t forget to include the special Waterford 2015 snowflake ornament. Every year Waterford comes out with a special snowflake ornament that is unique to that year.

As in past years, these ornaments go quite fast as there are people who collect these quality items.

The ornament is silver plated and is accented with red gems this year. It comes with a matching red ribbon hanger that is special to the year and to Waterford.

This is a photo ornament that will last for years and years and even makes a nice heirloom ornament to pass on through the years as well.

hallmark picture frame christmas ornament 2015BUY NOW

Hallmark always releases such beautiful family themed Christmas ornaments each year and this year is no exception.

This ornament features the saying “Family is the greatest gift” at the bottom and has a place for you to put a picture of your family right in the ornament.

It does have 2015 right on the ornament so you can always remember the year of the picture and look back on it with found memories.

This would even make a nice gift for the grandparents to have all the grand kids and kids in a picture for their Christmas tree.

scripture christmas ornamentBUY NOW

Celebrate what Christmas is really about with this beautiful Scripture picture frame ornament for 2015.

The ornament features an engraved title of Christmas 2015 and then has Luke 2:11 printed on the sides as well.

The middle features enough room to include a picture of your family or loved ones to remember this Christmas.

It comes ready to hang with a ribbon bow hanger and makes such a wonderful addition to your tree to really remember what the true meaning of Christmas is.

family picture frame ornament 2015BUY NOW

This is another great unique picture frame ornament for Christmas 2015.

It comes from Carlton Heirloom line so you know it’s a quality item. It features a bunch of different words and phrases that all relate to Christmas and then it reads “FAMILY” in large gold letters at the top.

It even has a special red heart gem that really attracts your eye to this ornament.

In the bottom corner you can include a photo of your family from this holiday season.

The ornament has a modern touch as this is a pretty popular style of decor with the word collages and could be a great way to mark this year and remember for years to come.


snowflake photo ornamentBUY NOW

This Christmas tree ornament will shine and sparkle on your tree with the crystals, beads, and faux pearls that decorate the silver metal ornament.

The ornament features a beautiful, intricate snowflake that has an opening for a 1.5″ picture of your choosing.

Not only is the snowflake part decorative put even the hook area has a decorative style that makes this ornament look much more expensive than it actually is.

This could even make a nice gift for a recently married couple to hang on their first tree together.

Which is your new favorite picture frame ornament for 2015?

Santa & Me Picture Frame Ornament

santa and me picture frame ornament

Remember your child’s visit with Santa this year forever with this cute picture frame ornament.

This ornament is fairly inexpensive and it’s a great way to display the pictures your child or even your whole family takes with Santa this year.

This is a larger Christmas ornament as it measures 5″ square and the holds a photo that is 3 1/2″ square.

It’s the perfect size for those small wallet size photos that you get when your child goes to see Santa at the mall.

The ornament is made of wood and comes hand painted. It definitely is a quality ornament for the price and is really a unique one that you can’t find in every store.

If you wanted, you could always write the date on the back of the ornament so you know what year the picture is from as well.


Nutcracker Picture Frame Ornament


If you love nutcrackers or know someone who does, then this is the picture frame ornament to buy for your tree this year. This nutcracker is sure to be a hit this Christmas and the picture opening just makes it even more special.

This is a resin nutcracker ornament that features a large opening in the middle to place a photograph.It is accented with gold to really add that sparkling touch to the ornament

And you can’t forget the actual nutcracker soldier figure that stands guard in his typical uniform of red, white, and blue.

The ornament measures approximately 4.25 inches.  The ornament is made by Kurt Adler, which  is one of the most popular manufacturers for Christmas ornaments and decorations so you know you are getting a quality product.

This would make a great gift for someone who loves nutcrackers or for a parent to put a picture of their child in the ornament. It would also make a cute gift for any fan of the Nutcracker play or if your child is involved in the Nutcracker play or dance.

You could also buy this for your Christmas tree if you love nutcrackers or maybe just because it is a different ornament that you don’t see everyday.


Hallmark Recordable Photo Ornament

recordable photo ornament hallmark

Record your own personalized Christmas message this year and have to look back on for many years to come.

This is a super fun photo ornament that not only lets you look back on 2013 but now you can also listen back to your message as well. You can record a small message on the ornament as well as place a photo of your choice.

This could be a great gift for a loved one who may not make it home for Christmas or one that you won’t get to see in person. You could also simply get it for your family to allow everyone to say a quick message and have it for years to come.

The ornament measures 4.375″ W x 3.625″ H x 1.125″ D and has “2013” imprinted on the ornament. It features a cozy home and the photo frame area is like a picture into the home.

These Hallmark Keepsake ornaments sell out fast, so be sure that you get yours now before it is too late.


Ski People Picture Frame Ornaments

skier photo frame ornamentThese are adorable picture frame ornaments for kids as well as adults who may like to ski, snowboard or just enjoy the outdoors during winter time.

The set comes with 6 ornaments. You get three of the red coat and purple scarf and three of the blue coat and red scarf.

The ornament has the photo spot area so that it appears that you are the the one wearing the winter gear which makes it a perfect gift for kids who love playing outdoors as well as skiers and adults who enjoying the snow as well.

The ornament measures 2 1/4″ by 5″ and the photo area will fit a 1 1/2″ picture in diameter.

These ornaments are new for 2013.



Star Shaped Personalized Photo Ornament

star personalized photo ornament

This star shaped photo ornament is unique in that the picture is printed right on the ornament and you don’t have to mess around with cutting out a photo and getting it to the right size.

The ornament comes from Personalizationmall.com and they are known for their personalized ornaments especially the photo ones were they print them on the ornament.

This star ornament features a red and green color scheme perfect for Christmas and can be personalized with any one line message under the photo. You can personalize it with a name, date, or a cute little saying.

All you have to do is upload the photo you want to use for the ornament and it will be adjusted for the best fit on the ornament.

The item measures 3″ in diameter and includes a ribbon for easy hanging on your Christmas tree or anywhere else.

This comes in a velvet drawstring bag and makes a great Christmas gift for loved ones. In fact, the price is so great on these ornaments you may want to buy them for everyone as gifts this year. It truly is a gift that can be enjoyed over and over every Christmas.



Picture Frame Ornaments for Kids

There are all kinds of adorable picture frame ornaments for kids. Check out the selections below to find the best ones for your Christmas tree.

kids photo frame ornaments

This is a fun set of photo frame ornaments that are great for displaying kid’s pictures. There are 12 assorted ornaments in the set which include Santa Claus, a North Pole Express train, snowflake, gingerbread man, Christmas tree, and snowman.

These are wooden ornaments that are painted and ready to be hung with the attached ribbon. You can easily add your picture to the ornament and have a cute and unique personalized ornament for any kid in your life. These ornaments would even work as gift tags for nieces and nephews since you get 12 in a set.

Each photo ornament is approximately 4 1/2″  and the opening for the picture is 1 5/8″.  For the price of these ornaments you really can’t pass up this adorable set.



snowman photo frame ornaments for kids

You can have memories of 2013 for years to come with these snowman photo frame ornaments featuring the year 2013 on them.

The ornaments feature cute little snowman that carry glittery snowballs with the year 2013 imprinted on them. Each ornament is approximately 3″ and holds a 1″ photograph.

There are 12 snowman ornaments that are included in the set. You can give these away was gifts or use them for your own kids or grandchildren. The year on the ornament is a nice added that makes this ornament even more special in the years that follow.



picture frame ornament for kids

What kid doesn’t love a gingerbread man? These fun little ornaments for perfect for babies, young kids and even older kids as they are simply just plain fun.

The set includes 12 gingerbread photo frame ornaments with 4 different designs as seen above. Each ornament is 3 1/4″ and the photo opening measures 1 3/8″. This is the perfect size for a cute gift tag for presents or just a simple personalized gift for loved ones.

These ornaments are a bargain considering the price and you get 12 in each set. They would work great for even giving out for a child’s class as a nice little Christmas present.




red and white snowman ornament

This is another great picture frame ornament for kids. These ornaments are super cute with the snowman and the red and white striped accents.

The set comes with 12 ornaments that are great for gifts or keep them for your kids and use one every year to see how much your child changes throughout each year.

The ornaments measure 3 1/2″ and will hold a photo 1 1/2″ in diameter. These ornaments are definitely a value priced item and although they may not be the best in quality you do get 12 cute ornaments for a little over a dollar each.

If you want fun and cute ornaments for your kids or any kids you know this Christmas, check these out.





Christmas Characters Photo Frame Ornaments

fun christmas photo frame ornaments

These are super fun and colorful Christmas characters photo frame ornaments.

The ornaments come 3 in a pack with a penguin, reindeer, and snowman.The penguin looks super cozy in his red stocking cap while the snowman sports a blue hat and scarf. The reindeer looks like he just came from pulling Santa’s sleigh with his wide grin and red and green ensemble.

They each have a ribbon attached for hanging on a Christmas tree but also have a back easel so you can display them on a surface as well.

They measure 4″ big and the photo space measures 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″. These are the perfect size for displaying children’s class photos or even just candid shots of family and friends. You can even order a few packs of them and give them out as inexpensive personalized Christmas gifts to your loves ones. I know that grandparents would love these for pictures of grand kids as well.

Have a fun and cheerful Christmas tree this year, with these adorable Christmas character picture frame ornaments.



More ornaments that may interest you:

Santa and Snowman Ornament

Snowflake Ornament Set


Angel Photo Frame Ornaments

Looking for an angel photo frame ornament for one of the angels in your life? Check out the different selections below.


angel photo frame ornaments

This is a set of 3 colorful and bright angel photo ornaments. Each of the ornaments also has an easel back which means you can use them as regular photo frames as well as hang them on your Christmas tree.

A good inexpensive gift idea would be to place pictures in the frames and then you can give them out to your loved ones. The set of 3 cost less than $9 so you do get a great deal for some very nice ornaments. You could also buy these for your own family and have one for each of your children or grandchildren for your tree.

These are good sized ornaments at 4″ each and the photo area measures 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″.  This is a must have for Christmas this year.



angel picture frame ornament


This is  a simply beautiful ornament featuring a shining angel attached to a round ornament that is actually a picture frame. This cool ornament can be hung from your Christmas tree or used as a stocking ornament.

The ornament measures 6.5″H x 3″W and you are able to use a photo that is 1 3/4″ in diameter in the photo frame area.

The shiny silver along with the gems and jewels really make this a pretty ornament that you can use year after year. It would be great for displaying current and changing it up every year or only use the current year’s picture and have it as a memory ornament of this year.



joy to the world angel ornament


This angel picture frame ornament not only features a lovely little angel but it also etched with the words “Joy to the World” at the bottom of the ornament. It is made of a quality pewter material and comes with a green ribbon attached at the top for easy hanging on the Christmas tree.

The ornament measures 2.75″ h x 1.75″w and the photo opening measures 1.5″ h x 1.125″ w. This would definitely be cute for a little kid or even a group picture of your whole family.



In Loving Memory Angel Photo Frame Ornament

If you recently lost a loved one and want to always remember their smiling face every Christmas then, this ornament is perfect for you.

in loving memory angel photo ornament

The ornament is in shape of an angel and comes with a special charm attached of an angel at the bottom. It reads “Forever in Our Hearts” at the top and then “We Miss You” at the bottom.

It measures 4″x 3″ and has a matching ribbon attached at the top for easy hanging of the ornament. This ornament is great for the Christmas tree or even display it all year round hanging on a shelf always remember your loved one.

The ornament does come in a gift box with a special message inside as it would make such a sweet gift for anyone who has recently lost a loved one.



Gingerbread Man Digital Photo Christmas Ornament

digital photo christmas ornmanet

This is a digital photo Christmas ornament in the shape of a cute gingerbread man. This is definitely a lot different than a normal picture frame ornament as this one will allow you to display several photos that rotate.

This ornament holds approximately 58 photos or 2MB. It comes with everything you need to transfer your photos onto the ornament. It includes a USB cable as well as the built in software. This digital photo ornament will download pictures in the PNG/TIFF/JPG/GIF/BMP formats.The software does allow you to crop your photos so that they fit appropriately on the screen.

You can get 180+ hours of a non-stop slide show with this Christmas ornament. It does come with an on/off timer so you don’t waste the batteries as well as a clock/date display. It uses 2 AAA batteries, which are not included.

The photos are easy to download from your computer and you can even include some Christmas background scenes along with your family photos. This ornament makes a great gift for grandparents so they can download all the pictures of their grandkids on the ornament as well as for other friends and family members who may want to display their Christmas photos.

You can even personalize the gift and download pictures for the person onto the ornament and then wrap it up to give as a wonderful personalized Christmas gift.

The ornament measures 4″ and the photo area is 1.5″.